1/5 My elementary schooler brought this home over the weekend and this is absolutely un-fucking-acceptable

2/5 Kids have enough to worry about let alone active shooter drills

3/5 You really expect a kid to fight a person with a gun?
Whomever wrote Step 3 has been watching way too many movies.

Armed cops didn't even do that when kids were being murdered in the .

To top if off, the kids have to be worried about the cops shooting *them*

4/5 Everything in the "When Law Enforcement arrives" section is to prevent your kid from getting shot by the *POLICE* if they survive being shot by a murderer shooting up their school


5/5 This is shit is offensive because we ALL KNOW what we have to do as a nation but are too chickeshit to do what needs to be done because *MONEY*

And to my school district, you can do better.. this ain't it

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