Soo.. GTA V came out in 2013, but the Bless your Heart show on Blaine County Radio was ahead of its time.

It has racism, ant-vaxxers, xenophobia, ignorant politicians with multiple families.. I wonder if life imitates art sometimes

I'm not a fatalist. Of course, I have my feelings about today, but hopelessness is not one of them. White people have been trying to take us out for a while, and they have failed and instigated their demise in the process.

We do not live in the 50s and 60s, even though old white men and their tokens are trying to legislate like it is. Reactive policy based on hate inherently acknowledges they are
terrified of the direction the world is going and will do everything in their power to stop it.

But the world has changed, and it was and is inevitable. No doubt these hateful fools will fight, but fascism and hate are the best they have, and we see the best they can do.

Keep the pressure up. Keep building community. They don't have any new ideas, so the bulk of their strategy is to attack our hope to make us feel like it's hopeless.

But it's not. Not even close.

At an airport on the way home and and I swear the woman in front of me constantly twirling her hair visits a commune and has a house FULL OF CATS

just stopped to get petrol and when we came out of the kiosk some dick parked at a pump in a winnebago started honking the horn at us. we got closer to give them a piece of our mind and it was a fucking dog

I know it's a matter of respect to call everyone by their chosen name, but I"ll never respect Facebook enough to call them "Meta". That just covers up their evil history. They'll forever be Facebook, just like Google isn't "Alphabet".

Disconnecting from big tech social networks works if you have an existing, fulfilling life. If you're like me and are alone and looking for friends and a social life, it's very difficult being limited to the Fediverse.

I've been told I'm "wrong" in the past and it's my fault because the Fediverse is just as viable as other options. But the honest truth is I miss out on events, concerts, meetups and opportunities because I refuse to be active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Caught this little Male Black-throated Blue Warbler in the middle of an insect breakfast

To buy Twitter, Musk needs to be able to deliver a certain amount of cash. He doesn't have that amount on hand, so he has to sell Tesla stock to raise it. But Tesla stock is worth much less than it was six weeks ago.

This leaves Musk with three options, none of which is great:

1) Go ahead with the deal at the agreed-upon price, and raise the money by selling off a bigger stake in Tesla than he had planned to. He was already selling off a large stake, so that's not great.

2) Walk away from the deal. That would be tricky, since the existing agreement includes a $1 billion fee if either party terminates it (

3) Find some way to get the price of the deal down. If he can get Twitter to agree to a lower price than $54.20/share, he might be able to go ahead with it while selling something close to the original size of his Tesla stake.

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5/5 worth of TSLA shares. But as he floods the market with shares, each block he sells will have the effect of lowering the value of his remaining shares.. and so on and so forth.

Back to the first point, how many potential customers have Tesla lost due to Elon's shitposting?

How many Tesla customers are thinking about switching to another company in the future?

For me, I'm most likely done with Tesla. I was in the market for a solar roof, but now I will be taking my business elsewhere

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4/ There is speculation that at least one of his loans for buying twitter has a margin call of $740/share ( speculation since I haven't seen the term sheet myself). If the TSLA share price were to drop below $740 presumably the bank would call the loan and Elon would have to fork over the ~$21 billion in cash ( that he doesn't have) to the bank. And how would he do that? By selling additional TSLA shares and paying the US government taxes. So Elon would have to sell *more* than $21 billion

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3/ Twitter by using his TSLA shares (that he hasn't leveraged already) as collateral thereby tying Twitter and Tesla together.

Buying Twitter doesn't do anything to forward his vision of moving the earth to "sustainable energy". So this venture is at best a distraction and at worst an indulgence of his ego. Both are a problem now that the traditional automakers are starting to transition their vehicles from internal combustible engines to electric motors.

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2/ As a Tesla investor, tweets like these are evidence that Tesla really doesn't have a functioning board of directors.

When Elon offered to buy twitter for $44 billion dollars on April 14, 2022, TSLA was trading at $985/share. TSLA is now trading at $769/share (at the time this post).

What happened to cause an almost 22% drop in the stock price? During this time, you have tech stocks in general taking a beating, Elon shitposting about "the libs" and the fact that he is getting loans to buy

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There is a bit to unpack here:

"Whoever thought owning the libs would be cheap never tried to acquire a social media company!"

From a Tesla customer perspective, why should I continue to give money to a company whose figurehead acts like a petulant child? I would guess a large percentage of his customers are the very ones he's been insulting as of late.

The way Tesla is run, you cannot separate Tesla from Elon. Elon == Tesla.

Why can't anyone who uses amazon email get their shit working correctly?

"milter-reject: END-OF-MESSAGE from[]: 5.7.1 rejected by DMARC policy for;"

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